The City of Charleston is moving forward with enhancing what is currently named “Daniel Island Park #4” on Island Park Drive in our Park Side neighborhood. This will be a predominantly passive park, preserving the existing magnificent trees and natural landscape.

We are sure you agree that the name “Daniel Island Park #4” does not do this beautiful site justice. We would like your input helping us give this park a name worthy of its charm.

Daniel Island Park 4 Site Plan

According the the City of Charleston’s Park Naming Policy, the following criteria should be considered in naming a park:

  1. Geographical location of the park or facility; or
  2. Natural or geological features proximate to the park or facility; or
  3. Cultural or historical significance to the city or surrounding neighborhood; or
  4. The name of an individual who has made a significant contribution to the community, country, state, or the field of parks and recreation. The use of a name of a person still living may be considered in exceptional situations or in the event of special significance.

We invite you to email Marie Delcioppo at with your idea for this park’s name. From that list, we will take the most popular choices and send out a survey. Once we have completed that, we will submit our recommendation to the City for approval.

Additional Resources:

City of Charleston Park Naming Policy

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