This committee proactively promotes the safety and security of the entire Daniel Island community. Through coordinated efforts with all residents and businesses, along with our state, county, and city officials and law enforcement, we strive to enhance the quality of life on Daniel Island for all who live, work, and visit here to enjoy.

Committee Chair: Frank Walsh


Information Regarding Traffic & Safety

Daniel Island Drive and Seven Farms Drive Roundabout Site Plan – February 13 2018

Responding to resident requests regarding the roundabout:

  1. The county was able to restore most of the lost parking places on Seven Farms Drive.
  2. The county removed a couple of right turn lanes, thus shortening the on-pavement pedestrian crossing distance:
    1. On Seven Farms Drive coming from Bishop England (that had almost no effect on the performance of the RoB).
    2. On Seven Farms Drive going the opposite direction (that did effect the RoB performance a little, but City of Charleston recommended it to shorten the pedestrian crossing. If traffic becomes an issue at a later point, the city can add without affecting the location of the rest of the RoB).
    3. There are 16 solar powered flashing pedestrian crossing signs.

Proposed Daniel Island Drive and Seven Farms Intersection

DI Traffic Accidents from 2010-2015 – Site Map

DI Traffic Accidents from 2010-2015 – Report

Daniel Island Drive and Fairchild Street Stop Sign Analysis – October 7, 2014

BenefitFocus Traffic Analysis – September 27, 2013

Island-Wide Traffic Study from 2005