While our thoughts and prayers are with those dealing with the intense impact of Michael, we do want to help make sure you stay as safe as possible with the pending weather expected here.

City of Charleston and Berkeley County offices will be closed tomorrow – Thursday, October 11 – and are expected to re-open on Friday, October 12. We will keep you posted if this changes.

City crews have been securing pumps and clearing ditches and drains of debris to prepare for the effects of potential flooding. In addition, crews have been placing barricades in low-lying areas in anticipation of possible road closures due to tidal flooding on Thursday.

All Recreation Department programs and games scheduled for Thursday are cancelled. The Lowcounty Senior Center will be closed on Thursday as well.

Garbage and trash collection citywide will not occur tomorrow. Thursday routes are expected to resume on Friday, and Friday routes on Saturday.

Based on the most recent forecast, the city of Charleston is expecting an 8-foot high tide at 10:19 am tomorrow morning – October 11 – which will likely result in significant flooding in low lying areas.

Other potential impacts for the Charleston area include wind and threat of tornadoes, with rainfall expected through Friday morning.

Guide to Bridge Closures Due to High Winds

Condition Yellow: 30 mph sustained winds
When sustained wind speeds have reached 30 mph, the media will be asked to put out a message to the public that high profile vehicles will be advised not to use high span (65 feet or higher) or exposed bridges, and the public should use extreme caution if they decide to travel over bridges.

High profile vehicles are:

  • Box-type trucks similar to those operated by the United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • Tractor trailers
  • Motor homes
  • Vehicles pulling travel trailers, box type trailers, large sail boats or other watercraft

Condition Red: 40 mph sustained winds

When sustained wind speeds have reached 40 mph, the media will be asked to put out a message to the public that high span (65 feet or higher) or exposed bridges are unsafe for public travel. At these wind speeds, law enforcement officers may not be present at bridges due to unsafe conditions. Anyone who drives over bridges against the advisory is doing so at their own risk.

In addition to the above advisories, the public is warned that in addition to the measured sustained wind speeds, there could be unexpected and dangerous wind gusts of higher speeds.

High span (65 feet high or higher) or exposed bridges in Charleston County:

  • Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge
  • Ashley River ridges (old and new bridges)
  • Ben Sawyer Bridge (Sullivan’s Island Bridge)
  • Breech Inlet Bridge (connects Isle of Palms to Sullivan’s Island)
  • Cosgrove Bridge (the “North Bridge”)
  • Dawhoo River Bridge (on Edisto Highway SC 174)
  • Don Holt Bridge (I-526 over the Cooper River between North Charleston and Daniel Island)
  • Isle of Palms Connector
  • James Island Connector
  • Limehouse Bridge
  • McKinley Washington Bridge (the “Edisto Bridge”: Hwy. 174 over the Edisto River near Edisto Island)
  • Stono River Bridge (connects James Island to Johns Island over Maybank Highway)
  • Wando River Bridge (I-526 over the Wando River in Mt. Pleasant)
  • Wappoo Bridge (connects W. Ashley to James Island)
  • Westmoreland Bridge (I-526 over the Ashley River between North Charleston and W. Ashley)

At 25 mph, draw bridges are locked down to boat traffic. Draw bridges and swing bridges (bridges that can be mechanically opened to allow for tall boat traffic to pass through from the water) will be locked down to boat traffic when sustained winds reach 25 mph or greater.

For the most accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts, tune into the National Hurricane CenterNational Weather Service Charleston, local media, and the FEMA app.

If there is anything we can do to assist, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Thank you and please stay safe! 

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