Starting today, May 20, at 2:00 pm, the Eastbound Wando Bridge will implement two-way traffic.

The plan calls for the deployment of resources, including a contingent of 26 state troopers, SHEP (Motorist Assistance Operators), and tow trucks strategically deployed along I-526. All vehicles, including trucks, will be allowed and speed will be limited to 45 mph.

State and local law enforcement agencies are also providing more officers to handle traffic, including the manual operation of traffic signals at key intersections to adjust timing with the flow of traffic.

SCDOT emphasizes the need for motorists to choose their own travel route. The Wando River Bridge two-way traffic plan is another option to supplement existing traffic management strategies. Messaging boards will alert motorist to proper driving precautions as they near the crossovers.

Work is being done around-the-clock to repair the Westbound Wando Bridge. The entire Wando Bridge is an actual work zone while repairs are on-going, so “Let ‘em Work, Let ‘em Live” for their safety and yours.

For more information on the closure, visit SCDOT on Facebook and Twitter. Maps and traffic count information can be found on the SCDOT’s website. Real time traffic information can be found by downloading their 511 app.

Again, we ask everyone to please be patient, follow law enforcement directions, allow for delays in your travels, and not drive distracted.


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